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housing programs in miami

Housing Counseling Agencies

Housing Counseling Agencies provide advice on home buying, renting and reverse mortgages, as well as how to avoid default or foreclosures. As an experienced expert in the mortgage industry, Mortgage Miche will guide you on finding the right agency. After reviewing your financial needs, she will provide you with the documentation required, while helping you create a budget that will get you approved for your first home.

There are many housing programs in Miami that have certain qualifications on eligibility. Through these programs, getting into your new home can be made much easier by going through Mortgage Miche. If you are still struggling on making your mortgage payments or have fallen behind on payments, there are options that can be provided around your particular case. When it comes to foreclosure, there are alternative options available that Mortgage Miche can make known to you.

Being able to take care of your financial needs is necessary before purchasing a home. Mortgage Miche knows the housing programs in Miami-Dade County area and is able to recommend the right ones for you. She is also a member of the Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust Board, which makes her qualified in the field of housing and home ownership programs.