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affordable housing in miami

Help For First Time Home Buyers

There is affordable housing in Miami available for many young and first-time home buyers. Mortgage Miche knows which services will best fit your needs and direct you to the most suitable Down Payment Assistance programs.

Buying your first home can be a stressful experience. In some cases, people can find themselves making common mistakes that others have when they first buy a home. Mortgage Miche knows how to help you prevent these mistakes.

For example, it is important to remember not to let your credit score change before the closing of a loan. You should seek to get pre-approved promptly. Doing so not only shows the sellers that you are genuinely interested in the property, but also means that you get a more accurate idea of how much you can currently afford to allocate towards your home.

There are certain programs that are for applicants who do not own a home and whose income falls under a certain maximum. These programs are excellent for first-time home buyers who are just starting out and looking for affordable housing. Find out if you qualify for these programs with help from Mortgage Miche and her years of housing counseling experience.