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Down payment assistance miami

Down Payment Assistance

Are you having a hard time qualifying for a mortgage? Down Payment Assistance for your first home is available. With over 24 years experience, Mortgage Miche has had much success with getting first-time home buyers approved for Down Payment Assistance and into their first dream home. You don’t have to do it alone. Mortgage Miche is experienced in finding the right program that fits your needs.

Down Payment Assistance programs are available to qualified first-time home buyers at the state, local and municipality levels. There are various Down Payment Assistance programs. Mortgage Miche will guide you through the various forms of Down Payment Assistance programs.

Second mortgage loans are a frequently used source of down payment and/or closing costs. The payments are deferred over a certain amount of time and many loans offered come with low to zero interest rates.

Grants are funds that you are not required to pay back, as long as you own your property and reside in your home for a required amount of time. There are various tax benefits available through the state for income tax purposes. By owning your own home, these tax benefits will apply.

Factors, such as your requirements and qualifications, or the location of the home can determine your eligibility for certain programs. The amount of funds available can amount up to a few thousand dollars or more. Some programs are restricted to only first-time home buyers or home buyers with low to moderate incomes.

Michelle LaPiana is your expert on these services and will help you determine which program is right for you. Her mortgage services will point you in the right direction and inform you on the best down payment assistance decision.